Great news from Trish Doyle MP!


Rectangular image with a fat vertical stripe of violet, and one of orange (The MFC club colours), and a close up of an EnPointe Display box held by a fencer

Last month we got a call from Trish Doyle, our state MP, to personally give us the great news that MFC has been awarded two Local Sport Grant Program 2022/23 grants!

One, for $2720, is for an additional EnPoint Display set and Relay set. This is state-of-the-art equipment which will allow us to run six completely wireless, three-weapon pistes with accurate scoring, and fast and easy changeover between bouts and weapons. This new equipment will also give us the capacity to run some larger ‘come and try’ events and programs to reach more and diverse groups in the local community. Whether fencing for fun and fitness, or aiming for an elite pathway, fencers need support to access high quality training and equipment at all stages. This new equipment will enhance our training environment and help us increase participation.

The other, for $2900, is to produce custom teamwear for fencers attending competitions and for accompanying coaches. Supporting our fencers to compete is a vital part of providing high quality training and development. Custom teamwear will increase regular and ongoing participation in fencing by allowing our competitive fencers and accompanying coaches to represent the club as a team and to feel supported and proud as they encounter fencers from clubs who have more resources – positioning MFC as a regional club who can hold our own. Fencers and coaches have asked for teamwear in the past and we've so far been unable to afford it. Having the funds to produce this gear for the first time in the Club’s history gives us a fantastic opportunity to build team spirit and create a strong and unified presence at comps at all levels.

These grants are competitive, with a limited amount of funds and many applications for worthy projects from many worth organisations. We’ve been fortunate to receive past grants in the Local Sport Grant Program for Favero full arm scoring sets and EnPointe Relay sets, allowing us to run events to increase participation (including comps, special programs and club training), and essential equipment to enhance training and safety including FIE masks for all weapons, chest guards and lamés.

We’re very grateful for the continued support of Trish Doyle MP and the Office of Sport in helping MFC keep delivering and expanding high quality training, participation and enjoyment of sport!

Image © EnPointe, used with permission


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